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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Stress Stress Stress!!!

Oh God, save me from my stress. Today alone, I have major factors of STRESS! Okay, let me tell you one by one what drains all my energy today:

1) VIVA aka Thesis Presentation
- Why is it such a stress?
Because it is 60% of my final year project assessment! If I st.. st.. stutter like I used to when I got nervous, I tend to forgot of what I am supposed to say and my marks will be low!
- Positive point of view:
I have passed this stage this morning as I can defy all the bullets that came from my examiner's mouth. =) There will be no more presentation after this! XD

2) Marketing Final Exam
-Why is it such a stress?
Because my dear Marketing lecturer told us that she had put all the slideshows in our Learning Management System in our university website but I only found the slideshow she had put is only for chapter 1,2 and 3. The rest? God knows. Plus, I didn't write down from the slideshow during the lecture because the lecturer scolded us if we write so we could listen to her lecture. But she did NOT put anymore slideshows in the website! How are we going to know what is to study??  *MAD*
-Positive point of view:
I got a copy of last year's Marketing slideshow from my classmate for me to study even though the content is a little bit different. But at least it is still on the same syllabus.

3) A replacement for my flight attendant post
- Why is it such a stress?
Because I thought I can be moved to another group of registering trainees as I could not report myself immediately because of my internship. I need to complete my internship in order to graduate. Must not sacrifice graduation for a flight attendant's post.
Since last Friday I called MAS several times wanted to discuss with them about my serious matter but they did not answer until this afternoon. However the person in charge told me that if I could not come on 22nd May, I will be replaced. To hear that was "Ouch".
-Positive point of view:
At least I have gained very useful experience for me to try again for the next interview. =)

4) Final year project submission
-Why is it a stress?
Because I have to complete EVERYTHING and do EVERY CORRECTION in my thesis before 18th May. 18th May is when I am supposed to go back home in Kuching. Ticket is already booked by my mom and it is not cheap. =( I do not know if I will be able to complete my thesis on time.
-Positive point of view:
I think I can do all the correction and compile everything in one week time. I hope.

*Exhale* Well people come to this stage many times in life. Just take it down one by one and do not let the stress overcome you. If it does, I'll sing you the Jumper song by Third Eye Blind. It goes like:

Lol. I am just kidding. Wish me luck alright? =)

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