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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Movie Review: Insidious

Insidious is a horror-flick movie that tells a story of a family that is haunted by ghosts. The haunting started to happen when they have just moved into this creepy old house and one of the kids fell into a coma. At first they thought the house was haunted so they moved into another house. Unfortunately the same haunting happens because it was not their house that was haunted but it was the kid in coma. Then the movie tells us an interesting story about people whose souls that can travel away from their body to the "further". Overall, I never get bored in a scene because there was always an element of shock in the movie. My sister and I screamed our hearts out along the movie. Its classic horror and predictable movie line is somewhat a charm. To horror movie fans, watching Insidious is highly recommended. My personal rating: 4/5 stars.  

click below to watch the trailer:

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Movie Review: Priest

Priest is another vampire-combating movie starring Paul Bettany and Cam Gigandet set in the post-apocalyptic future. The story is about a warrior priest on the mission to save his kidnapped daughter. To make it interesting, the kidnappers are the vicious blood sucking vampires. In the future it was told that there will be a war between human and vampire, cities are ruled by the church and the vampire slayers are super hot priests. Despite its predictable story line and short showtime (1 hour 15 minutes), the unique movie setting as well as the priest's hotness and mad combat skills will make you want to watch another sequel of Priest. My ratings 4/5 stars.

Paul Bettany aka hot "Priest". Failed to find his shirtless picture. *sigh*

To watch the movie trailer, please click on the link below:

Monday, 16 May 2011

Barbie Song

Hey readers! Do you remember I'm a Barbie Girl song? If you had been brought up in the 90's you should be familiar with this song. I had been singing the song all my life without knowing the real meaning. When I heard it again now I have just realized that it is a dirty song! haha LISTEN!

"you can touch, you can playyy"
"you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination, life is your creation"

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ahh, with thesis is finally over, I only have one step closer to graduation - internship. So these are what I am planning to wear for work. My signature office style; cropped pants, Oxford pumps, comfy blouses and chunky tote bags.
Work wear 1

Work wear 1 by DianaFreebird featuring locket bracele

If only I have these items in my wardrobe... *dreaming*. Different day,
different shoes and bags. =p

Work wear 2
You might be asking "What about Day 5?". Well day 5 should be Friday
when I wear baju kurung instead! =)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Stress Stress Stress!!!

Oh God, save me from my stress. Today alone, I have major factors of STRESS! Okay, let me tell you one by one what drains all my energy today:

1) VIVA aka Thesis Presentation
- Why is it such a stress?
Because it is 60% of my final year project assessment! If I st.. st.. stutter like I used to when I got nervous, I tend to forgot of what I am supposed to say and my marks will be low!
- Positive point of view:
I have passed this stage this morning as I can defy all the bullets that came from my examiner's mouth. =) There will be no more presentation after this! XD

2) Marketing Final Exam
-Why is it such a stress?
Because my dear Marketing lecturer told us that she had put all the slideshows in our Learning Management System in our university website but I only found the slideshow she had put is only for chapter 1,2 and 3. The rest? God knows. Plus, I didn't write down from the slideshow during the lecture because the lecturer scolded us if we write so we could listen to her lecture. But she did NOT put anymore slideshows in the website! How are we going to know what is to study??  *MAD*
-Positive point of view:
I got a copy of last year's Marketing slideshow from my classmate for me to study even though the content is a little bit different. But at least it is still on the same syllabus.

3) A replacement for my flight attendant post
- Why is it such a stress?
Because I thought I can be moved to another group of registering trainees as I could not report myself immediately because of my internship. I need to complete my internship in order to graduate. Must not sacrifice graduation for a flight attendant's post.
Since last Friday I called MAS several times wanted to discuss with them about my serious matter but they did not answer until this afternoon. However the person in charge told me that if I could not come on 22nd May, I will be replaced. To hear that was "Ouch".
-Positive point of view:
At least I have gained very useful experience for me to try again for the next interview. =)

4) Final year project submission
-Why is it a stress?
Because I have to complete EVERYTHING and do EVERY CORRECTION in my thesis before 18th May. 18th May is when I am supposed to go back home in Kuching. Ticket is already booked by my mom and it is not cheap. =( I do not know if I will be able to complete my thesis on time.
-Positive point of view:
I think I can do all the correction and compile everything in one week time. I hope.

*Exhale* Well people come to this stage many times in life. Just take it down one by one and do not let the stress overcome you. If it does, I'll sing you the Jumper song by Third Eye Blind. It goes like:

Lol. I am just kidding. Wish me luck alright? =)

Friday, 6 May 2011

My Healthy Food Swap

I am currently struggling to stay in shape because I have just realized that it is hard to maintain my body shape especially when I love eating chocolates, cakes, candies and all the sweet stuff in the world. I wish I can pull off my sweet tooth for good.. =p Anyways, this is what I have planned to do with my appetite; food swap.

      Bad Food = (                 Good Food  =) 
Ice cream (390 kcal)        ~ Yoghurt (90 kcal)   
Teh tarik ice                     ~  Ice lemon tea, without sugar
Cheese burger (425 kcal) ~  Turkey ham sandwhich                                    
Roti canai (200 kcal)        ~ Tosai (110 kcal)
White rice (260 kcal)       ~ Wholemeal bread 
Kuey tiao (660 kcal)        ~ Spaghetti (250 kcal)
Cheesecake (400 kcal)    ~ Kenny Roger's banana muffin
Pringles (170 kcal)           ~ Seaweed
Chocolate chip cookies   ~ Multi-grain biscuit
Pizza (240 kcal)              ~ Sushi 
Banana fritters (170 kcal)~ Papaya (45 kcal)
Cheesy wedges               ~ Mashed potato (87 kcal)
Milk chocolate (254 kcal)~ Dark chocolate (144 kcal)

Maintain daily calorie count below 1000 kcal then you will be okay. But for me, which is still on diet I rather take daily calorie less than 700 kcal. Wish me luck dieting! =p

Thursday, 5 May 2011

How To Pass Flight Attendant Interview

First of all, I would like to congratulate myself for being selected for Malaysia Airlines flight attendant post! Lol! I have been dreaming to get this job and I finally got it! I just can't wait to go for the training and most of all, fly internationally! So, let me share with you some tips to pass the interview. Please note that the demand and participation for this job is HIGH.

1. You MUST exceed the recommended height. For MAS, female must be >157 cm, male >175 cm. You can't fool them because there will be individual height measurement in the first stage of elimination.

2. Second stage will be the first group interview. They will ask you to introduce yourself, so if you are a shy person, talk louder and confident. MUST be confident. Talk in fluent English and avoid words like "um". Show your passion and interest for the job.

3. If you pass the second interview, you will go to the grooming stage (which does not require you to talk much), phew. In this stage, a person in charge will observe you, measure your height (again) and weight. They will check for scars or marks on your legs, arms, neck, chest and face. They might want to check your teeth as well. =) So do not forget to shave your legs for this stage. Lol XD

4. Next one is the interactive stage where they put you in a group and discuss about a topic the interviewer ask you. Our topic that day is about Facebook, male chefs, lack of communication skills among youngsters and some more general topics. The tip for this stage is ALWAYS be the first to talk and think fast. Do not give chances to other members in your group to talk because they are your competitor and the one who talk the most is more likely to pass the stage. Just talk your brains out but watch out for your language and poise. =)

5.  After passing the interactive stage, there will be the final interview. The final interview will also be in groups along with other shortlisted candidates. For this stage, if you are not the talkative type, better prepare a script for what you are going to say (Your background, Job, Experience, Why do you want the job, Why they should hire you, etc). Do not forget to read a little bit about the company's background.

6. After the interview, MAS will call you within two weeks time to tell you whether you passed or not. If yes, you will be asked to go for medical check-up and confirm when you should register yourself at the headquarter in KL.

For will be flight attendant interview candidates, I wish you BEST OF LUCK!