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Thursday, 5 May 2011

How To Pass Flight Attendant Interview

First of all, I would like to congratulate myself for being selected for Malaysia Airlines flight attendant post! Lol! I have been dreaming to get this job and I finally got it! I just can't wait to go for the training and most of all, fly internationally! So, let me share with you some tips to pass the interview. Please note that the demand and participation for this job is HIGH.

1. You MUST exceed the recommended height. For MAS, female must be >157 cm, male >175 cm. You can't fool them because there will be individual height measurement in the first stage of elimination.

2. Second stage will be the first group interview. They will ask you to introduce yourself, so if you are a shy person, talk louder and confident. MUST be confident. Talk in fluent English and avoid words like "um". Show your passion and interest for the job.

3. If you pass the second interview, you will go to the grooming stage (which does not require you to talk much), phew. In this stage, a person in charge will observe you, measure your height (again) and weight. They will check for scars or marks on your legs, arms, neck, chest and face. They might want to check your teeth as well. =) So do not forget to shave your legs for this stage. Lol XD

4. Next one is the interactive stage where they put you in a group and discuss about a topic the interviewer ask you. Our topic that day is about Facebook, male chefs, lack of communication skills among youngsters and some more general topics. The tip for this stage is ALWAYS be the first to talk and think fast. Do not give chances to other members in your group to talk because they are your competitor and the one who talk the most is more likely to pass the stage. Just talk your brains out but watch out for your language and poise. =)

5.  After passing the interactive stage, there will be the final interview. The final interview will also be in groups along with other shortlisted candidates. For this stage, if you are not the talkative type, better prepare a script for what you are going to say (Your background, Job, Experience, Why do you want the job, Why they should hire you, etc). Do not forget to read a little bit about the company's background.

6. After the interview, MAS will call you within two weeks time to tell you whether you passed or not. If yes, you will be asked to go for medical check-up and confirm when you should register yourself at the headquarter in KL.

For will be flight attendant interview candidates, I wish you BEST OF LUCK!

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  1. I hope this will help me for interview tomorrow ... ^_^