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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I am Foofie the Persian

 Hello readers, my name is Foofie the persian cat. I am very fat and lazy. All I do day and night is sleeping and eating. I have long, thick, white fur that falls everywhere I go. My favorite chillax spot is inside Diana's wardrobe because it is very cool and comfy. 

I got my owner fooled one day thinking that I ran away from home but I was actually sleeping quietly inside the wardrobe.You can see my fur sticking on all Diana's clothes after I left. I felt sorry for Diana though because its my beautiful, soft fur she's allergic with. That was why I had been kicked out of Diana's bedroom since she had a terrible asthma attack. But now, I've been spending my time in a cage my owner bought me. I don't like it but at least it keeps me out of Diana's bedroom. But my owner let me out most of the time and sometimes I sneak into Diana's bedroom to chillax until they come looking for me again. 

These are the photos of me, posing on Diana's bed long time ago when I was allowed to come inside her bedroom. If you like me, click "Follow" in Diana's blog. =)   


  1. telinga nya dah burok digigit nyamok ;(

  2. Aok yalah tek.. Kesiannya... =(