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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Day in a life of Diana

Life in a University can be very very boring and dull. Especially when my boyfriend is already graduated and off to work in the peninsular as well as my bestie who is also doing her internship away in the peninsular, I felt extremely lonely and depressed every day. That is why I got a job just to fill in my lonely time, make new friends and get extra income =). These are what I usually do everyday on weekdays:   

6.00 am ~ Wake up from bed, Subuh prayer
7.30 am ~ Go to work
2.00 pm ~ Lunch time, Zohor prayer
5.00 pm ~ Finish work, Asar prayer
5.30 pm ~ Jog for 2km then hit the gym
6.30 pm ~ Blogging, Facebooking, Updating Twitter, etc.
7.00 pm ~ Shower, Maghrib prayer
7.45 pm ~ Isyak prayer, light meal time
8.00 pm ~ Revision time or Gaming time or Blogging time
10.30 pm ~ On the phone with boyfie =)
11.00 pm ~ zzzzZZZZ.....

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