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Friday, 6 May 2011

My Healthy Food Swap

I am currently struggling to stay in shape because I have just realized that it is hard to maintain my body shape especially when I love eating chocolates, cakes, candies and all the sweet stuff in the world. I wish I can pull off my sweet tooth for good.. =p Anyways, this is what I have planned to do with my appetite; food swap.

      Bad Food = (                 Good Food  =) 
Ice cream (390 kcal)        ~ Yoghurt (90 kcal)   
Teh tarik ice                     ~  Ice lemon tea, without sugar
Cheese burger (425 kcal) ~  Turkey ham sandwhich                                    
Roti canai (200 kcal)        ~ Tosai (110 kcal)
White rice (260 kcal)       ~ Wholemeal bread 
Kuey tiao (660 kcal)        ~ Spaghetti (250 kcal)
Cheesecake (400 kcal)    ~ Kenny Roger's banana muffin
Pringles (170 kcal)           ~ Seaweed
Chocolate chip cookies   ~ Multi-grain biscuit
Pizza (240 kcal)              ~ Sushi 
Banana fritters (170 kcal)~ Papaya (45 kcal)
Cheesy wedges               ~ Mashed potato (87 kcal)
Milk chocolate (254 kcal)~ Dark chocolate (144 kcal)

Maintain daily calorie count below 1000 kcal then you will be okay. But for me, which is still on diet I rather take daily calorie less than 700 kcal. Wish me luck dieting! =p

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